May All of Us Get Lost More Often

Lost. More than a word, it’s an emotion. I often considered being lost to be a dreadful situation because of the unpredictability it presented. But now I wonder: why was it so scary?

The chaotic dance of thoughts in the head, the storm of confusion, the inability to choose the right path—everything makes it extremely suffocating to be in a dark place where we can’t figure out where to head towards.

We, humans, have the dire need to know everything; to grasp everything within our small fists, ignorant of the fact that we can’t control the entire universe. Many of us are naturally scared of everything unknown.

That’s why we study, then work, then marry, then have children—all in a defined order to make sure that we know where we are heading in this life.

But slowly I have realized that being lost has not always been terrifying. While being lost in the narrow lanes of a hilly area, I often get acquainted with the locals, their lifestyle and the blissful nature of heading nowhere.

Being lost has often landed me up in beautiful places. Like that trail where I could sit and listen to the dulcet chirping of the birds and the innocent moo of the cows coming from a distant, tranquil village.

In my own life, being lost has often opened up new paths. Exciting paths. And I have realized that it’s okay to be lost. Every unique journey begins from being lost, otherwise all of us would keep walking on the trodden paths.

May all of us get lost more often and discover stranger places and our own light in the process.

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