Dear Human

Dear human,

I know you lie on your bed every evening after your shift of 9 to 5 which fails to spark your heart. Your feet are bruised due to chasing someone’s unfulfilling love. Your jaw feels paralyzed, as you fail to find happiness in the pieces of paper you are saving for your retirement.

You stare at your image in the mirror and point out those flaws that make you an unideal member of the society. Every day, your body is being squeezed inside the packed metro, and you stare at the faces of the people that reflect their lifeless spirit. And you can’t see the point in being alive and repeating the same day over and over again for years.

I want you to come to the mountains. Here, you will find peace.

Peace in the way clouds step down to make love with the peaks of the mountains. Peace in listening to a stream singing poems in the wait of the rain. Peace in the rising of the Sun, as he searches for his beloved, Moon. Peace in the glinting of the stars, as they blink at you with wonder. Peace in sitting by the bank of a river and writing letters to no one in particular.

And this peace is the reflection of the Universe inside you. Always in motion, always calm. Amidst the chaos, recognize and hold this peace.

You are not the misery of unrequited love. You are not the exhaustion of a rat-race. You are not the uneasiness of failed attempts of fitting in. You are peace.

another human.

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