Let’s Be Kind on This Journey

When I was trekking from Govindghat to Ghangaria in the Garhwal Himalayas, I came across several people heading towards the same destination.

Some people passed me a smile on the way, others asked me to have the Prasad—“It will keep you strong,” they said. And no matter how far the destination was, on inquiring about the remaining trek, they would only say, “You are almost there, child.” In fact, some trekkers and I formed a silent affinity with each other. Each time we passed by each other, we smiled naturally. I still remember their twinkling eyes and their kind smile.

Our life is a steep hill. All of us are trekkers, heading towards the same point. The hill tests our capacity, exhausts our legs and challenges our breath, but we keep walking.

So, why is there so much competition? Why are we in a race to leave behind the person next to us? Some people are so drunk on their ambition to be at the top that they won’t think twice before throwing someone down.


If we could show the same kindness and affinity towards each other; if we didn’t take this life as a competition, but as a trekking route, we’d realize that all of us are on our own journeys.

We started from the same point. Sooner or later, all of us would reach to our final destination.

So, why is there so much hatred? It’s futile—these wars, these conflicts, this anger. You see, there is no point.

You and I are same—the travelers. We are here only for a little while. Let’s help each other on this journey, instead of pulling each other down.

This journey is beautiful. But what makes it more delightful is the kindness and compassion of our fellow humans. There is no hurry, just a silent support towards everyone who is walking along with us.

Let’s be kind.

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