We are Always Chasing Something

We are restless beings who are chasing everything in life.

We are chasing a high-paying job. We are chasing that big car. We are chasing those beauty standards. We are chasing fleeting moments of half-hearted relationships. We are chasing fame. We are chasing acceptance.

We have forgotten how to stop and smell the roses growing in our backyard. We have stopped sitting under the sun in the cold winters. We don’t write on notebooks anymore – we have cell phones and laptops to ‘type’, after all.

We can’t remember how it feels to run on the wet grass and go breathless. We don’t have the desire to read or listen to stories. We can’t find allure in a human without curves or six-pack abs.

We don’t know how it feels like to walk for hours with nowhere to go. We don’t have the patience to sit with our grandmother and listen to her incoherent ramblings that hide some wise stories. We don’t know how to giggle like kids and find even the most ordinary thing amusing.

We don’t dream anymore. We are always busy. We think we know everything. We think we know what we want.

And that’s why we chase.

We are restless beings, you see.

Meanwhile, a Buddhist monk at Gyuto Monastery with contentment on his face. They continue to teach me to give up the chase and just exist.

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