Does God Exist?

It was an exhilarating experience. I trekked up to Gurudwara Hemkund Sahib—the place where the 10th Guru of Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, meditated in his past life. The ambiance was filled the hymns coming from the Gurudwara in the praise of Lord, mingling with the strong faith of the pilgrims.

I have felt a lot of pain throughout my life because of the torment and sufferings that other people bear in this world.

The wail of a hungry child, the shriek of a woman getting raped, the cries of a man who has lost his son in an accident—such excruciating voices echo on this Earth every single minute. In fact, Guru Gobind Singh Ji lost his 4 sons in the war against the tyranny of Mughal rulers. I couldn’t comprehend why such afflictions exist in this world.

My elders often said, “We are just some pawns in the game of chess laid by God.” It made me feel like our sufferings were a mere source of amusement for the so-called benevolent God.

Seeing little kids sleeping on the footpath filled my eyes with tears, and I blamed God conveniently for all the sorrows that existed on the Earth.  For as long as God was an elusive entity for me, it was a villain in my eyes.

At some point, I even started questioning the existence of God.

But slowly, I have realized that there doesn’t exists any God outside of me that can fix this world unless we, humans, show the same love towards others as we’d always expected from a God.

God is no old man with a long beard who is sitting in the sky and taking notes. He has no gender, shape or form. There is no omnipotent figure that makes all the good things happen or is responsible for the bad events that befall us.

The entire problem starts when we think of God as anything separate from us. And since we think of God as someone existing outside of us, we start expecting from that higher power to makes things right, to show some miracles and to finish the evil.

God is consciousness. We are a part of that consciousness. And this consciousness is love—that unconditional love which is beyond thoughts, judgments and tangibility and doesn’t differentiate in any creature.

If we get connected with the incessantly flowing river of love inside us, we have found God. If we are detached from the outcome of our love, we have found God. And in this process of seeking God, we realize we are God.

As Jalaluddin Rumi once said, “I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God.”

All of us share the same consciousness, and hence, we are same—you, me and every living creature that exists on this Earth.

You and I have originated from the same source and will go back to the same. Our physical bodies become a medium for that consciousness to exist on Earth.

Every time a person chooses to inflict pain or harm others, he is not awakened to that consciousness; to that love. His mind and heart is veiled by darkness of ignorance.

But each time we choose love over hatred, we are one with the consciousness.  It’s because devoutness to God is all about devoutness to love. When we are in the present moment, loving other living creatures selflessly, we are one with God.

I don’t blame God anymore for the sufferings on this Earth. Maybe that’s why Guru Gobind Singh Ji had such an unshakable faith despite losing his sons. Because his love towards all the creatures reflected God.

Look around, you will come across God, too.




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