Don’t Make Your Life a Prison House

These mountains, gigantic and alluring, have been a perennial source of tranquillity and curiosity to me. They never cease to teach me about life.

It’s strange how it’s always the farthest and tallest mountain that calls me. My feet itch to saunter on its untrodden path. My hand desires to touch the stony walls of the mountain that carry the oldest imprints of history. I always wonder how it’d feel like to be standing at the top, having my head submerged amidst the fog.

Mountains are an ode to the free spirit of the human. There is no shackle that can chain up the mountains and restrict their liberty and vastness. And it should be reflected in our life, too.

A life without any bondage—free, fearless and vast.

“I am not talented enough,” someone said. “I can’t do it,” the other said. And by arranging the limited set of 26 Alphabets, they would ignore their own limitlessness.

You are given this life, and it’s packed with obstacles. But you are also given this glorious mind, this compassionate heart, this contagious energy and this beautiful smile.

You can choose to be anything—ANYTHING—and no one can stop you.

If, for a moment, we shut out all the fears, worries and stress related to success and failures, and just focus on what we want to do, we’d realize that infinite possibilities lie ahead of us.

That’s the thing. The mountains just exist in all their glory. And you should, too.

You should exist in your own imperfect magnificence, doing your work, without an iota of fear.

Don’t keep yourself confined into the prison house that you have created out of your existence. There lies a big life beyond the four walls created out of self-doubt.

I often fall victim of my own doubts. I think that I am not a good writer. The self-doubt paralyzes me. I find my old writings disgusting. But then I realize that I have actually improved a lot. I might not be as good as I’d like myself to be, but there is no end to the knowledge I can gain on this craft. And by continuously practicing, I can definitely hone my skills.

In fact, we can choose to learn whatever we wish. With incessant hard work, we can develop new talents and sharpen the existing ones. Our dreams require dedication, and we shouldn’t be scared of giving our all to it.

After all, we are going to die one day. We can either try something out and die or stay stuck inside the prison house and die. I believe that if everything is going to finish one day anyway, why not give myself a chance to live?

We are here to express the Universe that we are. And remember, the Universe doesn’t have a limit.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Make Your Life a Prison House”

  1. Thank you Shivani for sharing your insightful experiences and deep thoughts about life. 🙂
    One thing that I can’t resist saying. I read all of your blogs. I explored myself more that few of my doubts about a script I am writing got cleared. So I definitely have a lot to say and share other ideas I got images of in my mind while reading. Is it okay with you if I send you a friend request on Facebook?


  2. You are welcome Shivani. 🙂 Keep writing as my favorite adage is “the pen is mightier than the sword.”
    Yeah, I have a burning desire to express thoughts, ideas and emotions too. By the way, I just sent you a friend request. Looking forward to talking with you. Have a good day.


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